$VIX Pre-mining

Pre-mining rewards before VIX token launch


0VIX guarantees its long-term sustainability with veTokenomics and encourages community governance through its native token $VIX. Users can lock $VIX to receive $veVIX and voting rights, getting a direct say in the future of the protocol.

How can users get $VIX?

Before the official release of $VIX, users can “pre-mine”. To become eligible, users need to deposit or borrow on 0IX markets that carry $VIX rewards. The more one lends or borrows, the greater one’s $VIX rewards.

$VIX rewards program

The $VIX rewards program runs in approximately 1-week-long epochs, starting and ending at random times, so that nobody gets an unfair advantage. Anyone participating in the program will accumulate $VIX rewards every epoch without needing to trigger or do anything.

Users can claim their pre-mined $VIX rewards after the launch of the $VIX token (subject to vesting). All $VIX rewards are calculated and updated every epoch (1 week) and are based on the user’s activity during the previous epoch.

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