Supply Assets

Depositing token into 0VIX money market

Supply assets

The various 0VIX markets are accessible via the 0VIX homepage. The interest rate model contracts, as well as other protocol smart contracts issued on the Polygon mainnet, can be accessed using the 0VIX dashboard.

To supply a token to the platform, all a user needs to do is:

  • Be on the "Markets" page and navigate to the "Supply Markets" section

  • Click on the asset you want to supply

Supplied assets will be used as collateral by default.

You need to approve the token in the Supply/Withdraw pop-up

  • After approving the asset class once, the user can choose the amount of the token to be supplied or press Max to deposit the user-connected wallet's entire balance of that token

  • Press the Supply button to initiate the transaction and deposit the tokens

There are no minimum or maximum deposits imposed. Users can deposit any amount.

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